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       Additional services without    additional costs

House & Cottage Cleaning


Our fully insured, bonded and WSIB covered staff clean residential properties, rental properties and cottages 24/7/365. We value our clients by providing trained, legitimate registered employees for your properties, we don't "bring friends" along to help.

Our rates include supplies



After Party Cleaning


Nobody likes to clean up messes after a party...nobody except us. With 24/7/365 cleaning service, our staff clean party areas, recreation centres, banquet halls, post wedding/receptions and handle all clean up jobs making it look like the party never happened.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Real Estate Agent?




Let us handle your scheduled move in/move out cleanings, ensuring the new occupants have a fresh and clean environment.

Construction Cleanups


Completed renovations in a home or office or built a new home and need it cleaned?


We're the chosen clean up crew for noteable clients in Quinte/P.E.C. including:

-HGTV tv show "Income Property"

-Tim Hortons


Hoarder Property Cleaning


Just like the tv show hoarders, our staff come equipped with suits, respirators and up to 40 yard roll of bins to empty every type of hoarder situation imaginable. From level 1 to level 5 hoarders, we provide multiple staff to handle these jobs efficiently and respectfully.


Those 2 people in that picture are 2 of our staff in P.P.E. on a hoarder job.

Office & Commercial Cleaning


We provide 24/7/365 cleaning staff for all types of office, commercial and restaurant properties. From daily cleaning to weekly or monthly. We even have just floor maintenance programs if you clean your own office, where we come in and shine your tile floors, daily, weekly, bi weekly or monthly. We handle all cleaning requests, small & large. Our staff are not only insured, bonded & WSIB covered, but WHMIS certified as well.


Unlike our competitors, we DO NOT believe in charging "additional fees" or "hidden costs" for: 

-washing dishes by hand
-washing insides of windows, removing the screens and cleaning tracks & sills

-washing outside windows up to 10 feet off the ground
-washing insides, outsides and tops of cupboards
-washing insides/outsides & behind appliances

-moving appliances to clean underneath them
-washing and folding laundry

-emptying litter boxes
-hand washing walls, ceilings & baseboards (not just running a duster over them)
-assistance with decluttering & organizing

This is ALL INCLUDED in our rates. Just let us know which extras you'd like and when, and our friendly staff will handle them without any "hidden costs".


Don't let a "franchised cleaner" or anyone else charge you more for these services. While other cleaners offer these at "extra fees" and "additional charges", we don't believe in nickle and diming customers. We clean what you want cleaned with a flat hourly rate that is GUARANTEED cheaper than those "maid franchises". Simple!


Our trained, insured and bonded associates will clean your:

~Rental properties
~Bed & Breakfasts
~Offices of various sizes
~Mobile homes
~In law suites
~Travel trailers & motorhomes
~Yachts & cabin cruisers
~Commercial buildings
~Multiplexes, both common areas and individual units
~Pre & post party cleaning
~Banquet and reception halls and facilities
~Move ins/outs
~Open house showings
~Post construction/renovation clean up


             All our services are available 24/7/365, fully registered, insured, bonded and WSIB covered.


            We are Quinte & Prince Edward County's ONLY 24/7/365 cleaning service for ALL property types

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